That’s our motto and these are words we live by. We are a small family run brand that had no prior knowledge of actually running a business, but felt a dire need to help people become happy and healthy without dishing out too much cash and having no fun! Since 2015 we have been working hard to create Nature’s Wellness, a brand that puts happiness first and makes every customer feel like they’re part of our family! We don’t over promise or overcharge and we make decisions as a family, so you can trust that each product is crafted with love.

Customer safety is always foremost on our minds, which is why we embrace practices that ensure superior safety results. All our products, without exception, are proudly Made in the USA and manufactured in cGMP, NSF and FDA registered facilities. There’s no substitute for American standards of quality and safety.

We are strong believers in corporate responsibility, which means our organization can only be deemed successful if we do business in a way that is thoughtful of the world at large and future generations. Nature’s Wellness is an eco-friendly supplement manufacturer: all ingredients are carefully sourced to minimize the impact on the environment. We carefully select suppliers and production partners who share our regard for protecting & preserving Mother Nature.

Sol the Sun


Sol represents us as a brand, as a family, and as a movement. There are three main components to our new look. The ground represents mental health as taking care of your mind is the best way to stay grounded in your everyday life. The leaf represents physical health because just like leaves move in the wind, we should move our bodies often. Lastly, the smiling sun represents how both physical and mental health will bring you closer to overall health and happiness. Sol is smiling brightly because she has found a balance between staying healthy AND happy. Since 2015, our purpose here at Nature’s Wellness has been to make sure you’re on your way to that balance of healthy and happy. Spreading Happiness Through Health is our motto and we stand by it in everything we do.


Family values run deep in Nature’s Wellness. We believe in honesty, integrity, and of course, happiness. What you see is what you get. We don’t over promise or overcharge and we believe that every experience should be a happy one. This is why all of our products are Certified Happy.

All Nature’s Wellness products are “Certified Happy” – so what does that mean?

What We Promise

Every product you purchase from Nature’s Wellness is Certified Happy. This product will perform as advertised, be good for you, and make you satisfied and happy!

What That Means to You

If you are not satisfied and happy with your purchase, you get your money back with no questions asked. Full purchase price returned to you AND you get to keep the product. Again, no questions asked.

Certified Happy!

It’s that simple, we’re not going to try to get cute with something as easy as being happy. Buy from Nature’s Wellness with complete confidence, and focus on the reason we’re here: making you healthier, happier and more able to enjoy all the good things in life!

Certified Happy is one more reason to smile when you have Nature’s Wellness in your life!