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Five Natural Health Wonders of the World

By December 20, 2016February 9th, 20172 Comments

It might be hard to believe, but we wouldn’t have many of the all-natural health supplements that are available today if it wasn’t for the discoveries made by people from all over the world. Researchers and explorers found a multitude of plants that have important medicinal properties that aid in healing thousands of people through the years. Five of these discoveries are considered to be the most important.


This golden spice is found in almost every dish that is made in India. It has a mild smoky flavor that makes even the blandest food taste amazing. Turmeric face masks are a very common trend in the beauty community as well. This spice has a wide range of health benefits, since it is a great natural antioxidant. Many health experts claim that it might even be able to cure or prevent cancer.


Although this herbal medicine is commonly grown and used in Mexico, it actually originates from Canada. It has sticky leaves that trail up a long stem and a single yellow flower grows on top. Arnica is a natural disinfectant for wounds, and it also relieves aches and pains when it is mixed in with a bit of rubbing alcohol and applied liberally to the area. It should never be used internally though.

Tea Tree Oil

Oil from the tea tree that grows in Australia helps to alleviate a wide range of external conditions. This oil is very strong, so it is recommended to be diluted with water before application to bare skin. Tea tree oil disinfects wounds, cures yeast infections on the skin and feet, and even helps alleviate dandruff and dry skin on the scalp. Some people also use it as a natural preventative for lice. A few drops are added to a bottle of shampoo, which gets used for daily bathing. If there are any lice that happen to get in the hair, they will quickly be eliminated.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best kept beauty secrets of Moroccan women who look amazing no matter what their age. The oil comes from the kernels that grow on Argan trees that are indigenous to the area. Some people eat the oil with a bit of bread that goes with all of their meals because it tastes so delicious. It isn’t as thick as other types of oils, so it works wonderfully for applying to the skin and hair.


Chinese traditional medicine has said that ginger is one of the best all natural supplements for thousands of years. The root of the plant has a strong flavor that most people can recognize when it is added to a dish or a cup of tea. Although it is most commonly known for its ability to sooth an upset stomach, it can do much more than this. If it is grated into a cup of warm water with a bit of honey, it provides energy for hours afterward with no “crash” like caffeinated products cause. Ginger is also a natural antioxidant. Research about its natural ability to kill cancer is growing stronger.

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