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Three Herbs That Improve Digestive Health

By August 29, 2017No Comments

Those who go to the doctor for digestive problems are often at a loss for words when they are told to take over-the-counter stomach medications. These antacids and other stomach-coating liquids do little to help control the pain and discomfort that this condition causes. They also contain aluminum, a toxic metal unnecessary for human health. Luckily, there are numerous natural supplements for digestion that can help control the symptoms without harming the body.


The stem from the pineapple plant contains a unique enzyme called “bromelain,” which is often added to natural antioxidant and digestion supplements. It help break down food to be easily absorbed. Some people try to obtain the benefits of bromelain by increasing their consumption of pineapples, since the fruit also has some of the enzyme. However, it takes a significant amount of pineapples to be able to get enough of it into the body, so it is easier to take a digestive enzyme product that already contains bromelain.


The papaya is considered to be a super-fruit for a good reason. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that most other fruits have only in small amounts. Men who are concerned about their reproductive organs might also take it in natural prostate supplements to prevent prostate cancer. Papaya is high in natural sugars, so people with Diabetes and others trying to watch their sugar intake should use caution when deciding how much of this fruit to consume. The main enzyme in papaya that helps with digestive health is called “papain.” Like pineapples, it is often added to meat-tenderizers because it helps quickly soften the tissue. When combined with the pineapple plant enzyme, it creates some of the best supplements for detox.


One of the main reasons that people have problems with digestive health is a lack of fiber. This is usually because the average diet is filled with processed food, which has very little nutritional quality. Therefore, it is important that those who have digestive issues get plenty of all natural supplements that contain pectin. This substance comes from the thick, nutritious skin of all types of apples. It is often sold in powder form as a natural thickening agent for making jams and jellies. Pectin helps draw water into the digestive tract and to make the stool firmer. It also increases the efficiency of the digestive system, so people who take it feel fuller for longer.

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