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What You Need to Know Before You Buy Supplements


Most natural health supplements are much safer than chemical-based prescription drugs, but that doesn’t mean that they should be used carelessly. There are precautions that have to be taken to ensure that those who use them don’t have any dangerous interactions or an exacerbation of their health conditions. So to help, here is a list of things that all of our customers should know before they purchase any health supplements.

You Shouldn’t Hide Your Supplements

Since some doctors scoff at the use of natural medications to improve health, patients often stay quiet about the ones that they want to buy. This is dangerous because a medical emergency could arise, and the doctor won’t know what is causing it. For example, people who secretly take St. John’s Wort are at risk for blood loss during surgery because the herb acts as a natural blood thinner. So it is important that patients first ask their doctor if it is safe before taking a product containing it.

Not All Labels are Accurate

At Nature’s Wellness Market, we ensure that everything that goes into our products is safe and natural. All of our supplements are tested for quality and strength because we care about the health and safety of our customers. However, not all companies that sell health supplements go to the great lengths that we do. Some sell products with inaccurate ingredient labels that are misleading, especially cheaper brands of supplements. This is dangerous because there could be ingredients in the products that could make someone sick. So to be safe, always check the label and only purchase the best all natural supplements.

Some Health Supplements Help Prescription Medications Work Better

While it is good to be concerned about harmful drug interactions occurring with prescription medications that are taken with health supplements, it is important to mention that sometimes doctors recommend that people use them together. For example, those who take antidepressants often become deficient in B vitamins, especially Vitamin B-12, so it is common for them to get a prescription for the vitamin to go with their other medications. Another supplement called “Co-enzyme Q-10” is suggested to patients taking statins for their high cholesterol because it reduces the muscle pain that they get from the drugs.

Some People are More Sensitive to Supplements Than Others

Each person has their own unique body chemistry that affects the way that they absorb supplements. Health issues, body weight, and the sex of a person can contribute to it too. Some people will need more or less of the dose that is standardized on the label of each supplement. The best way to find out how much you should take is to talk to your doctor.

This list of information isn’t all that you need to know about natural supplements. So if you have any questions about our products at Nature’s Wellness Market, just ask! We will be happy to help you figure out which of our supplements will work the best for your health needs.

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