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Getting adequate, restful sleep is the most important health habit you can have, maybe even more important than exercising and eating healthy. Lack of sleep affects every area of your life including your mental, physical, and emotional health. Sleep deficiency puts you at risk for accidents, depression, and inability to control emotions, as well as increases your risk for several diseases and your risk of being overweight.

Ever heard someone say “let me sleep on it” before making a big decision? Well, during sleep the brain works to process information to help you work through any problems. While you rest, your brain is working hard on evaluating all the pros and cons, so you will be ready to make a clear-minded decision in the morning.

In a perfect world we would all be able to easily drift off into peaceful, restorative sleep every night with no problem. But, many of us need a little assistance to make sure we get the best sleep possible. We have created non-habit forming natural supplements for sleep to help give your body the rest it needs and deserves, so in the morning you feel alert and ready to tackle your day.